My latest work

I’ve taken a number of months off for a good reason – the Lord blessed me with a son at the end of December 2014.  While my baby is absolutely wonderful, he does require a lot of time.  On top of that, I picked a very poor time for my back to finally give out and I had to have back surgery.  So, I really haven’t had the energy for writing anything until very recently.

That being said, I’m excitedly working on a couple of new projects.  The first is a compilation of sermons/commentary on the book of James.  This is one of the hardest hitting books of the Bible in my opinion and I preached on it a few years ago.  My book will be mostly compiled from my sermons but will have additional commentary added in as some of my sermons leave out certain details for reasons of time.  I believe that all of the text is done – I’ll have to review it again to be sure – but I still have to format everything to get it ready as a book.

My second project is one that excites me but will take considerably more time.  I’m working on commentary for the minor prophets.  These twelve books are so often overlooked in the Bible but the truth is that so much of what we know about the future comes from these books.  Beyond that, they are really a story of God’s love because repeatedly, even though He warns of punishment, there is always hope held out for Israel that one day they will repent and turn to the Lord and He will accept them back with open arms.

Rest assured, I’ll post more information when these books are available.

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