Evangelism Unprocessed

Evangelism is not just intended for the gifted evangelists but is meant for every Christian. Unfortunately it has been reduced to a process or series of steps too often. Evangelism Unprocessed looks at what the Bible has to say about evangelism and uses that foundation to make evangelism able to be done by anyone.

This book explores Jesus’ parable of the four soils and discusses the different types of people that one will encounter while evangelizing. Because there are numerous types of people, there must be different approaches to meet the needs of these people. For this reason evangelism needs to move away from the standard processes that it has been reduced to.

This third edition has been updated slightly since its original publication in 2005 and includes two additional appendices to further supplement one’s study.

Evangelism Unprocessed is available in paperback, on the Kindle, and on Nook.